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The Grammar at War 1914-18
Richard Lewis Campbell Dargie

Publication Date 4th August 2014
Order Enquiries should be emailed to grammaratwar@agsfp.com

All proceeds from this publication to the AGSFP Club

From kilted heroes in Flanders dug-outs to strategists and technologists who shaped the 1914-18 conflict, Grammar FPs made an astonishing contribution to the Imperial war effort. The Grammar at War 1914-18 traces that effort and the sacrifice made by hundreds of FPs not just on the Western Front, but in theatres of war as different as the Mesopotamian deserts, the treacherous coves of Gallipoli and the frozen wastes of northern Russia.

FPs fought new kinds of war against deadly U-boats in the Atlantic and German bombers in the air, while some played their part exercising the dark arts of intelligence and propaganda. None were braver than the legion of FP medics and chaplains who tended their damaged comrades, often at the very heart of the killing fields. This book tells their tales.

The Grammar at War 1914-18 also examines the impact of four long years of war on the life of the School, and how attitudes to the war and the enemy amongst the School and FP community changed over time. It also remembers the extraordinary effort made to honour the Grammar Fallen.

Richard Lewis Campbell Dargie [1964-73] taught History in several North East schools before enjoying spells as Senior Lecturer in Social and Environmental Studies and Head of the Faculty of Humanities at Moray House Institute of Education in Edinburgh. He latterly lectured in History Education at the University of Edinburgh.

Over more than two decades, he has been a consultant for a range of national and international bodies including the BBC, the Council of Europe in Strasbourg and Euroclio in The Hague. He was particularly involved in post-Soviet Eastern Europe working with governments in states seeking to reform and democratise their approach to history education. Author of more than forty books, many for children, Richard has also written over fifty television and radio programmes, and several websites, for the BBC.

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